August 22, 2012

stuffed portabella with curried rice

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I just love portabella mushrooms.  They are so versatile and full of delicious meaty flavor.  I am pretty much a vegetarian now and don’t eat much meat besides the occasional fish or organic egg.  No more dairy for me either.  I don’t miss it at all and veggies have so much fantastic flavor and health benefits.  This dish is super easy to put together and is full of flavor from the curry seasoning.   (more…)

August 19, 2012

relaxing in colorado and a staycation

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Hi there!  Chris and I made it back from a visit with some family in the Fort Collins area and we had a great time.  The summer weather and scenery in Colorado is just amazing.  We spent most of our time in Fort Collins and also visited Rocky Mountain National Park. After re-grouping at home, we spent a few days on the LV strip playing tourist for a little staycation.   (more…)

August 7, 2012

honeymoon dreamin

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Looking back at our honeymoon pictures makes me wish we were there again!  I can’t believe that our 1 year anniversary is coming up in September already.  That’s pretty crazy.  Shame on me for not posting these sooner.  Here are some more shots of the rest of our honeymoon cruise…   (more…)

July 28, 2012

clean eating – broccoli cauliflower salad

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This is probably my favorite salad to date thanks to the inspiration from OhSheGlows.  It is incredibly cleansing, vibrant, crunchy, and delicious!  I’ve made it twice already and it is fabulous to take for lunches.   (more…)

July 15, 2012

fermented vegetables – don’t be afraid

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I’ve had 2 mason jars full of fermented cabbage that sat at about 70 degrees for 5 days and I’m still alive.  Don’t be afraid of fermenting your own vegetables, they are awesome!  Trust me.   (more…)

July 9, 2012

beer and food pairing event

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Hi there!  I hope everyone is staying cool out there because it is sure roasty toasty here in good ol’ Vegas.  Excessive heat warnings are definitely in effect!  I am staying cool with lots of green smoothies and refreshing raw salads 🙂  Chris’ mom invited us to a Sam Adam’s beer pairing dinner and it was a lot of fun.  Normally when I think of pairings I think of wine, but I was pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of beer to also pair really well with food.  Please forgive the cell phone pictures.  I didn’t want to lug my camera to work 😉   (more…)

July 3, 2012

a few of my favorites

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Hello!  It was so nice to spend some time with my mom.  Her two week visit flew by way too fast.  I was definitely bummed when she had to go back home.  I’m hoping they will move back to Vegas sometime in the near future.  We had lots of fun cooking up recipes, doing some shopping and relaxing.  It’s been back to work for me and I want to share a few of my favorite things that I’ve been lovin’ lately.   (more…)

June 22, 2012

visit with mom + bountiful basket bounty

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Hi there!  How is everyone?  It sure is toasty here in Vegas already.  With a high of 108 yesterday, I really wanted to move to someplace cooler!  I don’t mind the heat too much, but when it gets closer to 110, that’s a bit much for me 😉  It’s been about 2 years since my mom came to visit, so it has been really great spending time together.  I took a few extra days off this week and we’ve been having fun and eating lots of summer’s yummy produce.   (more…)

June 4, 2012

falafel stuffed eggplant with tahini sauce

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How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was nice and relaxing which was great.  It’s amazing how much valuable time pops up when I’m not cycling as much.  Even though it’s hard to see others out having great rides on the bike, I kinda like this recovery time 🙂  I had some time to prep food for the week and made this tasty recipe from CookingLight.  It’s another great way to utilize eggplant and it’s delicious!   (more…)

May 31, 2012

tempeh lettuce wraps with peanut sauce

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I’ve been doing a lot more vegetarian/vegan inspired plant-based meals.  To be honest I don’t miss meat and dairy much at all.  Sure I have some here and there, but I feel much better without and with lots of plants.  I’ve also been trying to find ways to get more fermented foods into my diet because there are many benefits to fermented foods.  Trader Joe’s has a great tempeh that is very versatile and works perfectly in lettuce wraps.  I think I’ve found my new favorite tempeh recipe!   (more…)

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