just a few new finds

I don’t have too much time to blab on today, as I’m trying my darndest to focus on my proposal, … [more]

just a few new finds just a few new finds

learning to un-plan

Last night was a wonderful example of good things that can happen when I don’t plan all the time! … [more]

learning to un-plan learning to un-plan

going crazy with CSS

Whew!  I’ve been trying to work on designing the new template for many hours today and I think my… [more]

going crazy with CSS going crazy with CSS

it’s already Friday?

Usually the weeks just draaaaag for me, but for some reason this one flew by!  Maybe because it was… [more]

it’s already Friday? it’s already Friday?

southern safari

After a lazy morning, and a quick stop at Chik-fil-A for lunch, we all headed to Lazy 5, a local animal… [more]

southern safari southern safari

new favorite

Happy Wednesday!  I just found my new favorite squash and it’s name is KABOCHA!!! I was first… [more]

new favorite new favorite

Carbs are good

Yes! Carbohydrates are an integral component to an active lifestyle, especially for endurance athletes. … [more]

Carbs are good Carbs are good

it’s really over

My first realization to the end of summer was the giant chunk of change that was gone from my pocket… [more]

it’s really over it’s really over

many thanks + stuffed cabbage

by Kristen :) on August 12, 2011

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Many thanks to all your wonderfully kind words and thoughts about Buster.  We really appreciate it.  We were pretty much a mess this past week, but with time it is getting easier.  I don’t think there can be anything that can replace our happy guy, but we have to just remember all the good times we had for sure.  I have gotten a little back logged on recipes, but I do have one of my favorite cabbage recipes for you!

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you will be missed buster doo

by Kristen :) on August 8, 2011

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Hello friends.  Yesterday was a very sad day in our house.  Our loving friend and companion Buster unexpectedly passed away.  I cannot tell you how much this saddens my heart and we miss him so dearly.  He was one of us, a member of the family with such an incredible personality.  He was such a good dog and full of happiness and life.  I want to share some of our favorite pictures and moments with our Buster doo.  He will be remembered in our hearts forever.   [More Yum →]


what to do with an eggplant

by Kristen :) on August 5, 2011

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To be honest I’m usually not a big fan of eggplant.  Sometimes when I get it in restaurants thinking I want to try it again, it’s overly chewy and unpleasant.  I haven’t worked with it at home because I don’t really know what to do with the darn thing!  When we received one all wrapped up sitting nice and pretty in our Bountiful Basket pick-up I wondered … now what the heck am I going to make with this thing?  I am very open to trying all kinds of different foods and actually found a recipe that suites eggplant very well.  In fact, I think it has renewed my confidence in this purple beauty.   [More Yum →]


summer ‘cookin’

by Kristen :) on August 1, 2011

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The summer this year has been very mild in comparison to years past where temperatures would surely reach the one hundred and fifteens or higher by July and August.  This morning I actually got up for an early ride the the temp at 5am was near 75 F!  That is unheard of really.  It of course has still been pretty darn hot though and turning on the oven is only done as a last resort if you want to get roasty toasty.  I made some tasty recipes this past weekend that are nice and refreshing for summer…   [More Yum →]